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Marimekko Autumn collection 2007

Loving the new Marimekko collection, as always with their strong simple patterns and beautiful colours. I'm especially smitten with the Aarni and Kulkue patterns! I've got to get that Kulkue mug!

Update: Guess what I got from Sia when we met after her trip to Finland? The Kulkue mug!!! I love it, and I am so happy, it's the best present I've gotten in a long time! Thank you so much Sia!




  • Victoria E says:

    I'm going to be broke if I keep seeing such gorgeous things.

    2007-08-02 | 20:45:45
    URL: http://victoria-e.com/
  • Elisabeth says:

    Have to have that mug and plate!

    2007-08-02 | 21:08:05
    URL: http://finelittleday.blogspot.com/
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    I'm going to be broke if I keep blogging... :-)
    And Elisabeth, you've already got the teatowel for gods sake, save some of the goodies for the rest of us! ;-)

    2007-08-02 | 21:11:31
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se
  • Kate says:

    I love the notebooks...so beautiful!

    2007-08-23 | 13:26:46
    URL: http://www.little-doodles.blogspot.com

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