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JOY by Mel Lim

This company has such a great copy that really says it all, that I couldn't resist just copy-pasting it here:
"JOY by Mel Lim celebrates it's third year by bringing you joy to all aspects of your life. we explore new ideas in paper, bringing graphics & patterns to life through it's new organic baby clothing, comfort and luxury to your home through it's one of a kind hand made pillows and fashion through it's ultrasuede totes and bags.
joy is now a complete lifestyle."


"The story of Joy
an expressive and vibrantly colorful line of stationery called JOY was born when designer Mel Lim could not find correspondence cards to send home that were not white in color. her old nanny would have flipped if she had seen an all white card as white is the color of death in the chinese culture. coupled with her background in interior and wallpaper design, Mel created her line using energetic symbolic colors and elements, blending east and west, modern and vintage, letterpress and offset printing."



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