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A short summary of Formex

I've been walking the aisles of the Formex fair today, until my head felt like it was going to explode from all the impressions. There were decorating details, visitors and salesmen throwing press releases at you all over the place. And to find the good stuff, you had to browse through hundreds of booths of crap. I managed to find some nice things though, and also met up with Li from Liebling Allsorts and Elisabeth from Fine little thing! Both very talented pattern designers, and super nice girls. I will give you some more detailed posts on my finds later, but for now, just some inspirational pics from the exhibitions.

Ballroom Blitz by Jan Rundgren, exterior by Design Agency Silver

Art into life - it's my choice by Peter Ødegaard

Disco Dansbana by Defyra

Surreal World by the Swedish Fashion Council

All pictures © Formex


  • karen says:

    I can't wait to see the whole report! I just arrived yesterday from Stockholm, after a 3 months-holiday there. Such a nice and unforgettable time! I must say reading your blog was of great help while staying in sthlm. It helped me discover different things and places that otherwise never would have known (Vurma cafe is my favourite one!). I was really looking forward to attending Formex, but I know your posts about it will be stunning! Great blog!

    2007-08-31 | 00:00:25
  • Elisabeth says:

    De där händerna Emma - enastående... ser fram emot dina rapporter, oerhört mycket!!!

    2007-08-31 | 16:07:47
    URL: http://levaleende.blogg.se
  • Hemmarikets Charlotte says:

    Roligt att du tog dig till mässan! Jag susade igenom den i söndags (missade alla fina presspresenter). Mitt intryck är lite som ditt mycket lull-lull och få godbitar :-). Kul att jämföra intrycken :-)

    2007-09-03 | 21:33:33
    URL: http://hemmariket.blogg.se

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