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Snygg spjälsäng

Snygga spjälsängar växer ju inte direkt på träd, men jag har hittat en i alla fall på Design Within Reach. Den kostar $ 742, vilket ju känns lite fånigt för en sak man använder i ett år bara, så mitt tips är att göra en egen. Med ett par mdf-skivor, ben från Ikea, en bra såg och en del filande kan man nog hamna rätt nära den här designen.



  • Eloisa says:

    Hi Emma,
    It's me again! I trully do enjoy looking at your blog, it's e pity I can't read Swedish though, but I suppose a picture paints a thousand words eh.
    And yeah I suppose there's a lot of American stuff. But what I see nowadays, most modern/contemporary designs are very much Scandinavian inspired, the lines, colors, etc.
    They're just so clean and pretty.

    Omigosh, you work as stylist assistant! My dream job :( I suppose I've no excuses there as to why I'm not [yet], but wow! How did you get that job and how long have you been working for?
    Btw, how old are you, if you don't mind me asking? I'm 26 and I'm a teaching assistant and I some graphic design as well.

    2006-04-12 | 05:18:18
    URL: http://cats-meow2454.livejournal.com/
  • Emma says:

    Hi again!

    I guess I just dropped an email to some interior magazines, and the timing was right, so I got a job at one of them. :-) But, I'm feeling quite done with that now, so I'm thinking of starting my own business... Scary and exciting at the same time!

    I've just turned 27. I suppose it's time to get a "real job" now, and stop being just an assistant.
    Oh well, it's two in the morning now so I'm off to bed.


    2006-04-13 | 01:46:25
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se

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