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Valje storage system from Ikea

I know there has been a lot of Ikea posts here lately, but can you blame me when their press photos look this good? These are some of the news coming in February, lots of new table legs and tops, and a new storage series called Valje with shelves, cupboards, drawers and wall shelves/boxes. Valje has a new simple assemblage solution, with no need for tools, just click it all together. Great news for all of us who don't love spending all evening trying to put our new purchases together, and keep misplacing that hex key all the time.
And do I possibly spot some Lotta Agaton styling here? I believe so.

The Vipp Shelter, a step beyond prefab

I was very much taken by surprise when I read the news about the Vipp Shelter. I would never have guessed a house would be the next step for the classic Danish design brand! Launching their own kitchen was a bold move already, but proved successful and it has since been prized with several well deserved design awards. The Vipp Shelter is a new bold concept, namely a 55 sqm fully equipped house made of galvanized steel. All the design and deco choices have already been made for you by Vipp's head designer Morten Bo Jensen. This means that shortly after you place your order in the Vipp webshop, you can step into your new vacation house, already decked out with everything from cutlery and bedding to lighting and furniture. You just bring a weekend bag and food, the rest is already taken care of!
The first shelter is placed in a secret location somewhere "in the wilderness" in Sweden, and I heard there will be a contest later to guess where it is. Time to start looking around then!

Christmas Inspo from Susanna Vento

A small tree and a candle is really all it takes to create a Christmas feeling at home. I definitely prefer this simple decorating style that anyone can take inspiration from and create a similar set up in their own homes. 

Oblique Hanger by Annaleena

I just love the new Oblique hanger from Annaleena! The styling of these pictures is also so great, super simple but impactful. Another new item in her shop is the rectangular hanger in white.
I have her circular hanger, and am just pondering if I'm going to hang it in my bedroom for those "wear again later" clothes, or if it works better by the entrance to throw scarves and random coats on...

New String photos by Lotta Agaton

These just landed in my inbox! New photos for String, styled by Lotta Agaton and shot by Marcus Lawett. In the bottom photos showing a workspace, you will find a height adjustable table that is the newest addition to the String collections, designed by Björn Dahlström and Anna von Schewen. It's one of few adjustable tables I've seen that would actually work in a home office as well.
I'm planning a shelf wall in my new apt, but can't decide if I should go for plain Elfa shelfs, or invest in the String system. Thoughts anyone?

Krusning lamp shade by Sigga Heimis for IKEA

While on the subject of Spring news... This paper lamp shade by designer Sigga Heimis, whom I had the great pleasure of meeting in Iceland on my last trip there, is coming to Ikea in February. What's so cool about it is that you can shape it any way you like, so every lamp will be different, even though it is bought at the big warehouse.

H&M Home Spring 2015

I'm already browsing the Spring collections and all the press photos from them, but I'm not sure if we are ready for that yet? Perhaps we should enjoy the holidays first, and wait with the longing for greens, freshness and a new start until after that. Oh well, try and stop me! Here you go, fresh inspiration from H&M Home's Spring 2015 collection!

Color and styling inspiration in a white loft

I just moved, so I'm sitting in a sea of boxes writing this, but still wanted to check in and share some inspiration. I was quite impressed with these images from Flou, showing their new sofabed Duetto. Amazing loft location and great styling, right on trend with the gray, brown and blue hues that can be seen everywhere this autumn.
My new home looks nothing like this (it's a small 50's apartment) but the color palette is pretty much what I'm aiming for. 

Studio Mama loft in Stockholm's Old Town

I first got the architectural photos from this loft, and thought the space looked amazing but perhaps a bit too stark for the blog. So I was very happy when I saw that it has now been styled for sale, with great results! Still very minimalist, to let the apartment stand out and shine on its own, but now with an added sense of space and personality. It's designed by Studio Mama and was planned to be the owner's own home, but as they are relocating it is now up for grabs through Fantastic Frank. Located in Gamla Stan, in a 300 years old building, the loft was carefully renovated to retain the atmosphere but still have all the functions and comfort of a modern home.


At home with Skandinavisk

While I was on a quick visit to Copenhagen last week I met up with Shaun from Skandinavisk, the brand we collaborated with for our Koto candle, and during our meeting he showed me these pictures from his home that I thought it would be fun to share with you. The family lives in a classic Copenhagen house, decorated with a mix of modern design classics, antiques and vintage finds, and an abundance of green plants. Shaun takes no credit for those though, as he told me the gardening interest and green thumb belongs to his wife Lene. She also works with the scents for the candles, advising on which plants from the Scandinavian flora are to be reflected in the scents to give an authentic and true fragrance that fits the theme of the candle.
Photographer: Pia Winther

Icelandic Design feature in Blue Wings Magazine

I just wanted to share this article on Icelandic design that I made together with photographer Mikael Axelsson for Finnair's in-flight magazine Blue Wings. Pretty proud of how it turned out. If you'd like to read it you can do so here (it's on page 61-64) and please check out the featured brands if you are curious about what is going on in terms of design in the world's youngest country: Postulina, Staka and Kristbjörg.

Shopping News for the Selective Minded

This week brought lots of great news if you are looking for new items for your home, a great coffee table book, some cool yoga gear or perhaps even a new home. And I know you will wonder if I picked them all because of the greige color... But no, I did not, it's a lucky coincidence. Or perhaps the trendiest hue of this autumn. Who can tell.
Let's start with the first one, the opening of interior designer and decorator Oliver Gustav's online shop. If you had your eyes open for the last year, you will have seen Oliver's name pop up in every travel guide on Copenhagen, and also as the designer of Yvonne Koné's new shop. His brick and mortar shop is a mandatory stop for any design interested Copenhagen visitor, and I am sure the online boutique was anticipated by many. It carries a curated selection of Mad et Len fragrances, objects by Michaël Verheyden, as well as a few carefully chosen decorative items.
Lotta Agaton and Pia Ulin's book finally launched, and is available in Lotta's webshop with four different covers!
Le Yoga Shop Paris, where you will find what in my mind is the world's most stylish lounge wear (I haven't jumped on the yoga train yet), launched their A/W 2014 collection, and a new issue of their magazine. Created by the Naddermier couple, Kia being a fashion photographer and Magnus a Creative Director, you can expect style out of the ordinary, but also a deep knowledge in yoga as they have both been practising for more then 20 years, and Kia is the founder of Mysore Yoga Paris – one of Paris’ most authentic and well respected yoga studios. They collaborate with some amazing creatives to develop the brand, like Filippa K, Hope, Burfitt and OFR.
And lastly, if you are looking for a new home, or perhaps just want to look at the pictures for some great decorating inspiration, Pella is selling her house!

Perfectly Graphic Ikea Styling by Pella

I just love these photos that Pella styled for Ikea Livet Hemma, and the table lamp Låter, that was new to me, is definitely going on my list for the next trip to the big store. Because one can never have too many lamps, right?

COS x Till Wiedeck, store installation with display tables


For winter 2014 fashion brand COS commissioned Till Wiedeck to develop a bespoke in store installation for their worldwide retail shops. In close collaboration they created “Object XI & XII” a unique interpretation of Wiedeck’s 2012 project Critical Objects. The two tables continue the studio’s exploration of the border between the functional and the sculptural.

“Object XI & XII” is designed to host a carefully curated selection of items in a black and white theme. Merging functionality and abstraction we developed a unique rubber granulate surface resembling Travatine stone while preserving the tactile and functional aspects of the rubber.

The table can be seen in COS stores worldwide from 20th of November 2014.



Ikea launches Sprutt, a storage collection in white

I just got the news that Ikea are launching this temporary collection called Sprutt, available in stores in February. I am most interested in the metal cabinets with labeled drawers, they look like a useful addition to a hallway or entrance area, or perhaps a home office. Not too keen on the bright labels of course, but luckily they are removable... The ladder (called towel rack by Ikea) looks quite interesting too, I like the fact that the ladder steps protrude on the sides, perfect for hanging small things.

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