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New Kristalia 2014 catalogue shots

Summery, but dark. Minimalist, but inviting. Yes, this is completely my taste! The new images from Kristalia's 2014 collection quite perfectly captures what I'm into right now. Concrete, unkempt plants, dark moody colours, and as always; minimalism.

One Pic Wednesday: DIY Koushi Lamp

Photographer Benjamin Bergh built his own Koushi lampshade and shared it on Instagram. His home looks very interesting, I'd love to see more!

Volkshotel Amsterdam; a design hotel for the people

As I've written here before, Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities, and I'll take any excuse to go there. Now I have two! We are planning the next blog tour there in October, and the new Volkshotel just opened, which I'm curious to see!
Located in a building formerly used as a newspaper headquarters, the interiors remind me a lot of the Michelberger in Berlin, but with the building's history showing in the details in between the raw materials such as concrete and plywood. And this hotel also has a rooftop terrace, complete with sauna and hot tubs, so definitely looking forward to trying that out! The Volkshotel claims to be a hotel for everyone, welcoming punk rockers, single moms, stockbrokers and poets, dandies and dishwashers, and with their opening offer of €69/room throughout July, I believe almost anyone could afford it too.

Strandwood Vacation Rental in Germany

This house in Germany, called Strandwood House and located by the beach on Rügen Island, fulfills many of my summerhouse dreams. Simple natural materials, calming hues and interiors, lots of light and not much to distract you from living simply with only the bare necessities. If I would get a summer house, it would look very much like this.
Via Desire to Inspire with thanks!



STAY Copenhagen, The Penthouse Experience

Last week, while working on a project with photographer Mikael Axelsson, I had the pleasure of staying at STAY Copenhagen again. This time in the penthouse apartment, with direct access to the huge rooftop terrace, in addition to the two big balconies in the apartment. As my previous visits there were in the winter, I hadn't taken the opportunity to discover the roof terrace before, and I can easily say that it was a great bonus to our trip this time. They serve champagne up there every evening, and to sit there watching the sunset after a long work day sure was a lovely experience.
The apartments are huge and sparsely decorated in a minimalist black and white style, all furniture coming from Danish design brand Hay. While this might give an impression of being a little too minimalist for some, the place quickly warms up as you spread your own belongings around. At least that would be the case if you aren't like me, and all your stuff is also in grayscale...
Photography: Mikael Axelsson
Styling by me

Sågverket, Sweden's most stylish hostel, up for sale

Many of the post in the upcoming weeks will be about stylish places to stay when traveling both inside and outside of Sweden. One place I've been wanting to visit is Sågverket, Sweden's most stylish hostel. I was actually there a few years ago, before it was bought and renovated by the current owners. Although it was quite nice even back then, there were lots of things that needed improvement... Looking at the pics here I can see that they have all been taken care of, everything looks just perfect now! The place is up for sale again, so if you, like me, have been wanting to visit, I believe now is the time to go, because who knows what will happen when it switches owners again...

Haphazard DIY Bed Canopy

Sorry for disappearing on you, it wasn't planned, but I desperately needed a break. I'm back now though, with lots of things to share! I'll start with this image of a bed canopy created in a new and inventive way. I like that it's not as romantic as a traditional canopy, more haphazard and lazy, for all of us who like their interiors a bit more relaxed.
Image from H&M Home

House Doctor Summer Inspiration

Danish brand House Doctor just sent some sneak peeks from their next collection, the Fall/Winter 14/15, but I feel I'm not quite ready for those seasons yet... While I was browsing their site I found these images though, that feel more suitable at the moment with some great summer inspiration! Light and simplicity, natural wood against white, and a few green plants to bring summer inside. Anyone know the name of that tall slender plant in the first picture?

Monday Mix #30

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Studio Pepe for Agape

These images, styled by Studio Pepe for high-end bathroom brand Agape, aren't new at all, but they are all so timeless that they might as well have been shot yesterday. Serene and pure will never go out of style. There are so many ideas to pick up here if you are planning for a bathroom renovation, and small styling tips for the rest of us.

One Pic Wednesday: Creative White Space

I love spaces for creativity, be it a nook in the living room, a big artist studio or an old garden shed, any place that gives room for being creative, and where one can leave everything out between sessions, is great in my book! This room here with plenty of storage, great light and a floor that doesn't look too precious, seems like the perfect spot.
The image is part of a series in Dutch magazine VT Wonen, and the theme is living with children, so if you'd like some stylish inspiration for that, do check it out here.

Top 6 from H&M Home Autumn 2014 Collection

H&M Home's new Autumn collection was released a couple of weeks ago, and some items are already in the stores now. I found a few favourites that would be welcome additions in my home. Do you have any favourites of your own?

Classic Scandinavian Malmö Apartment

I believe I found what might become this week's most blogged real estate object, or what do you think? This 1920's apartment in Malmö sure has the potential to please most tastes with its amazing original details (think parquet flooring, high ceilings and skirting boards) and great interiors in a classic but a little quirky Scandinavian style with touches of colour here and there. It is actually a quite colourful place, but you know me, I picked the more neutral photos, so you'll just have to check out the rest for yourselves, here.

Interior Stylist Annabell Kutucu

Via Bungalow5 I found the interior stylist of the super stylish Hotel San Giorgio that everyone (me included) are raving mad about at the moment. Her name is Annabell Kutucu, and in her portfolio I found a couple of other great photos from interiors she created in different Berlin apartments. Still in the very simple style that we've seen in Hotel San Giorgio, but with a more urban look.

One Pic Wednesday: Green Forest Wallpaper

I have never really been one for wallpaper, too much pattern for me, and usually way too much color too. But this one, Bellewood from Rebel Walls, I could actually imagine living with. Maybe not in the living room, but in a kids room, or maybe the entrance? The style of the drawing reminds me of Maurice Sendak and the wonderful book Where the Wild Things Are (which I seem to appreciate more than my children, although we all agree that the movie is great!).

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